About Us

IQ Studios is one of the prominent and leading independent film and television studios in Pakistan. IQ Studios is well known as a pioneer in broadcast equipment and has the privilege of providing technical and production facilitation and support along with the dubbing facilities to its prestigious clients in Pakistan and all over the world including CHINA, TURKERY, UAE & UK.

IQ Studios state of the art facility at Bedian Road Lahore including six professional shooting floors and various technical and creative departments, all-in-all approaches 100,000 sq. ft. IQ Studios have employed over 200 permanent staff including directors , writers, and technicians.

IQ Studios has been successfully producing television programs for all the major channels in Pakistan for overly two dedicates. IQ Studios has a credit of producing the longest running soap Tere Pehlu Mian(TPM) aired on Geo Tv between 2005-2011.The soap consisted of 1000 episodes which is a record of Pakistan .

IQ Studios also holds a credit of producing feature film Mahe-Mir . It was successfully released in local and international cinemas gracefully in May 2016.

Mahe-Mir officially selected for an Oscar, is the only film in Pakistan which has won awards from 7 countries in different categories including winning 2 awards in category of best film & best music by Dadasahib Phalke award in India

IQ Studios also have a subsidiary studios in the heart of London situated opposite the British House of Parliament in the esteemed Milbank which is home of such offer broadcasters such as BBC, SKY and ABC etc.

IQ Studios also has a credit of launching the nationwide entertainment Satellite TV channel ‘’ SEE TV’ ’in Pakistan. IQ Studios was responsible for providing all productions to See TV as per SEE TV’s fpc. SEE TV made its place in top 10 entertainment TV channels of Pakistan within a year. IQ Studios creative team has provided the numerous iconic content to SEE TV such as Sunrise from Istanbul, Jan Cartoon and Mehmaan Nawaaz.

IQ Studios is the only production house in Pakistan which has provided maximum kids content in Pakistan like Chanda Taray, Subha Mubarak and Bawarchi Bachay etc.

We are based in both Lahore and London while happily working all over the world as requirement.